Fisheries Magazine – November 2014

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – November 2014

Our Special Aquaculture-Themed Issue!AFS-Fisheries-Magazine-November-2014-Aquaculture-Themed-Issue
In this Issue:
Aquaculture and the Science–Policy Continuum



  • Perspectives from the Fish Health Section In Response–Peer Commentary on Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus Paper
    Paul Hershberger
  • Perspectives from the Canadian Aquatic Resources Section Canadian Aquaculture News: Grant to Study the Value of Incorporating Wild Salmon Genes into an Organic Aquaculture Industry Partner’s Practice
    Trevor E. Pitcher
  • Perspectives from the Student Subsection and Education Section In Response–The Use of Aquaponics in the Classroom
    Daniel J. Dembkowski, Landon L. Pierce, and Craig P. Paukert
  • Perspectives from International Fisheries Section Members Blue Growth: The 2014 FAO State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture
    Christine M. Moffitt and Lubia Cajas-Cano
  • Perspectives from International Fisheries Section Members Current State of Aquaculture in México
    Felipe Amezcua and Martin F. Soto
  • Perspectives from the Socioeconomics Section The Role of Hatcheries in Ensuring Social and Economic Benefits of Fisheries in the United States
    Tom Lang
  • Perspectives from the Water Quality Section Aquaculture and Water Quality Management in the United States
    Yushun Chen, Jesse T. Trushenski, and Margaret H. Murphy
  • Perspectives from an AFS Marine Fisheries Section Member Offshore Aquaculture Regulations Under the Magnuson-Stevens
    Fishery Conservation and Management Act




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