Annual Meeting Travel Award

Fish Habitat Section of the American Fisheries Society

AFS Annual Meeting Travel Award for Students and Early-Career Professionals

Background: The purpose of this award is to support AFS Fish Habitat Section (FHS)-sponsored symposia at the 2020 Annual Meeting by providing travel funds to students and early-career professionals who might not otherwise be able to attend the annual meeting. The current award level is set to cover the cost of meeting registration and will be paid directly from the FHS to AFS on your behalf. While travel costs include more than just the price of registration, this award is designed to provide leverage for the awardee(s) to garner other needed travel support. Selection for this award is conducted by the FHS Awards Committee and is based upon their sole discretion.

Requirements: To be considered for a travel award the applicant must be an AFS member classified as a Student or Early Career/Young Professional Member, an FHS Member (free to students and early-career professionals), and have been accepted to present in a FHS-sponsored symposium at the Annual Meeting. The applicant must provide the symposium title, a copy of their accepted abstract email from AFS, and answer the presenter information questions (below). The applicant should request the symposium organizer to submit a response to the below request (in the case of multiple organizers, one response on behalf of the organizers is sufficient). If granted the travel award, the student or early-career professional should plan on attending the FHS business meeting during the Columbus meeting for recognition of the award.

Presenter Information: Why do you anticipate your travel request would reasonably be denied without additional outside (other than your employer or University) support? Why do you believe this award will help ensure you receive travel approval? Please provide any additional pertinent information you believe the selection committee should consider.

Symposium Organizer Request: Please provide a brief statement (3-5 sentences) why you accepted this student or early-career professionals’ work in your symposium, and how your symposium would be affected should the applicant not be able to attend the meeting.


Request Deadline is June 14, 2024.

Submit completed request and questions to: AFS-FHS President Gary Whelan at [email protected]. Note: Symposium organizer and presenter responses should be submitted separately.